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The fun of being naked on a cruise balcony while in port is that you will be seen. I've done this while docked next to another ship. If you avoid making eye contact with anyone on the other ship, it's pretty innocent. And so fun.

You are correct. It is more that they swing like a pendulum. The trick is to do them when they want you too. That is if you can figure exactly when that is. It is so confusing at times that I was completely dumbfounded when a complete stranger came up to me and said "can I suck your cock?" See this is totally out of the norm and what kind of a trick could this have been? I think your girl secretly just likes guys drooling over her? And to further muddy the waters, all of us zoigers are worried that she'll stop posting here! So we wait breathlessly and unconsciously caress those places that we yearn to caress on her untill a new batch of photos come alone. So today, we're all happy, but secretely waiting and yearning for the next set ;) I enjoyed seeing this photo the other day. Just found it again (it's on the Zoig front page at the moment), and am surprised I didn't "like" it or comment before. Well, I took care of that now. I like seeing just the outside curve of her breast behind the bikini top. Very sexy. If you had bothered to invite me to come along with you guys on your cruise, you could have taken this shot with me hugging her from behind with my cock nestled in her beautiful ass, with the caption "He worries no one will see him. He's such a horny old goat"! ;) Your last sentence is dead-on accurate. Mine hesitates and is so shy about taking off her top at first at beaches. But once she's topless and/or nude, she doesn't care who sees her. "So which is it? Are you shy or not?" I always ask her.