Locker Room

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I need to get a job where you work. I love break time there.

And to think.Everyone else is at the water cooler on break, chatting up a storm about survivors on fake island shows, supporting or not supporting the President, discussing the latest movies. BUT while all that is going on, they are missing the best thing about work that's happened all month (YOU, nude in this photo)! LOL! Totally AWESOME pose.And scenario where taken. U look so tired and exhausted, what about making me your employee , order me to take off clothes, lick and worship you then put a strap on and take all your frustration out on me. Wow.I wish i was walking by .I would def have "my file" in hand looking at you MMMMM. If this is taking a break where you work, then I want a job application! :-) Why sit on a desktop when you can on my lap? Just saying😏